The king is here

The King of hemp

In the 60’s, Bruce Perlowin bucked the system to bring America cannabis. His fleet of bud-loaded boats passed under the Golden Gate Bridge in a massive operation for which the media labeled him the “King of Pot”. When an informant rolled over on him he served nine years rather than betray his crew.

Today, Bruce is the “King of Hemp” offering premium, smokable hemp flower for the New Era. Crafted by his eco-conscious organization, “King of Hemp” pre-rolls offer a top-shelf CBD experience. 

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King of Hemp Pre-rolls

An all-natural terpene profile gives the King of Hemp Pre-rolls a smooth and robust flavor like no other. All flower is grown organically, with zero pesticides,  on farms you can trust.

Our proprietary process includes blending the best flower from numerous crops. This allows us to create a unique, consistent, profile for each and every smoke. 

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